Having a full-service maintenance contract with DBT Transportation Services ensures your RWIS system will perform when it is needed most during the harsh winter months.

Your RWIS system in your runway or roadway serves as a primary tool for your winter operations and most likely is an integral part of your FAA approved airport winter operation plan or your Department of Transportation winter maintenance plan.

Our professional team of RWIS field engineers, with over 50 years combined experience, will ensure that your system is operating at peak performance throughout the year. As your nationwide partner, we will provide troubleshooting, remote monitoring, system repair and parts replacement. A full-service contract provides proactive, pre-season system inspections as well as restorative services in order to handle unexpected outages.

Put your RWIS system in the hands of professionals that are certified and insured. Contact a DBT Sales Manager for an RWIS Maintenance Contract today.

DBT is qualified to maintain all manufacturers’ RWIS equipment.


Pre-Season RWIS Maintenance

Pre-season maintenance has proven to reduce the lifecycle management costs and increase performance. A pre-season maintenance plan is a good alternative to a full-service contract. This visit provides an overall system check and allows for identification of any faulty equipment or repair prior to the onset of winter.