Both product lifespan and uptime can be improved with regular periodic maintenance, decreasing the need for unforeseen repairs and spare parts while lowering life cycle costs and ensuring the continual supply of high-quality data. Periodic maintenance also means you don’t need to invest in additional maintenance staff or equipment.

Our Periodic Maintenance service provides complete system status checks, updates, and calibration, as well as replacement of worn parts. The service is available on site.

Periodic maintenance is usually carried out annually by our qualified technicians, who perform complete system status checks, and then provide recommendations and instructions concerning system upgrades and performance. Furthermore, your equipment will also be calibrated to ensure it continues to operate reliably.

The DBT Transportation Services Periodic Maintenance service requires a maintenance contract. All maintenance tasks and schedules will be tailored to suit your needs and minimize any possible downtime.

For more information on periodic maintenance, contact us at 844-3GETDBT or to discuss your needs.