The Vaisala US AWOS generates real time weather reports every minute. AWOS weather reports are made available to airport personnel via displays on operator terminals, and to pilots via high quality, digitized voice transmissions using a VHF frequency or voice-capable NAVAID. AWOS reports are also available by telephone for flight planning and can be sent to the FAA’s Weather Network for flight planning purposes.

The Vaisala AWOS is FAA-certified for us in non-federally owned airports, and provides weather information for FAR Part 91, Part 135 and Part 121 operators. It is also eligible for Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funding.

Vaisala AWOS systems and solutions are designed to grow with your airport, making them the smart choice for long-term investment. All of the systems are scalable, with an open system architecture that makes upgrading and expansion easy. DBT Transportation Services offers the best resources and capabilities for tailoring a complete solution to any weather-related challenge. Vaisala AWOS systems can be customized to incorporate sensors that detect thunderstorms as well as other problematic weather phenomena such as freezing rain.

DBT can assist in all aspects of your AWOS project – from initial planning through maintenance and lifecycle support. We offer flexible configurations to meet the requirements of your airport and to minimize the installation costs.

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Measures and reports current altimeter setting, density altitude, temperature, dew point, and wind speed, direction, and gust.


Measures and reports all AWOS I parameters plus visibility.


Measures and reports all AWOS II parameters plus cloud height and precipitation accumulation.


Measures and reports all AWOS III parameters plus precipitation identification and intensity


Measures and reports all AWOS III parameters plus thunderstorm/lightning reporting.


Measures and reports all AWOS III parameters plus precipitation identification and intensity, and thunderstorm/lightning reporting.


Measures and reports all AWOS III P/T parameters plus Freezing Rain Sensor (Z), and/or Runway Surface Condition Sensor (R). The addition of an optional sensor will change the designation to AWOS IV R or AWOS IV Z/R.

AviMet®* display for US AWOS

Displays deliver realtime data and history for use by airport staff. AviMet® Displays present data in comprehensive and easy-to-read formats, providing critical weather and wind information necessary for operational decision-making.

*Used with permission


DBT Transportation Services provides complete services and support for your AWOS. Fully licensed and insured, our Field Services Engineers are located throughout the United States to provide you with a superior level of service. Each technician travels with a complete spares kit to get your system up and running as quickly as possible. In addition to AWOS, DBT Transportation Services is also able to offer NAVAID maintenance for most FAA certified systems, such as ILS, VORs and NDBs.